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What Is ig to mp3 Instagram Video Downloader Tool

Ig to mp3 is an instagram video downloader online simple tool for download instagram videos, IGTV video and reel videos and stories. This is very easy to use and any body can use this tool. This tool is completely free.

How To Download Instagram Videos?

To download any instagram video from this tool simply follow the following steps given below.

  1. At first copy the link of the instagram video by clicking on the 3 dot of the video and then click on the copy link button.
  2. Paste the copied url in the input box. And click on the download button.
  3. The preview of the video will be shown. Click on the download button to download the video.
  4. The video will be played instead of download in the browser. Click on the 3 dots of the video and click on download.
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Can You Download Instagram Stories From This Tool

The answer is yes. You can download instagram video stories from this tool by following the above steps. But if you want to download photo stories you have to open the instagram photo downloader.

Download IGTV Video

This tool converts IG to MP$. So you can easily download any IGTV instagram video from this tool.

Why People Use Instagram Video Downloader Tools

Instagram is now one of the gratest social media. There are various category profiles, celebraties profiles, business profiles etc. They post a lot of videos and photos. Imagine you are following a love status profile where you watch love whatsapp status. If you want to download instagram whatsapp status you cannot do that easily from instagram. Because there are no option to download any video from instagram directly. So people use these tools for downloading videos.

Is It Illegal?

No, downloading a instagram video from video downloading tool is legal. But you cannot use this in comertial use. If you want to use these video for just giving whatsapp status, facebook stories it is legal.

FAQ - Asked Questions

You cannot download and save instagram videos directly from Instagram. You have to use our tool to save Instagram videos in mobile or laptop. Kindly follow the above steps to save.

Actually Instagram converter is Instagram video download which converts ig to mp4. Using this you can download instagram videos in iphone and android phone also.

We are using the instagram cdn for getting the source of the video. So that the video is directly playing in the browser. To download click on the 3 dots. You can also follow the image steps.

In this Instagram video downloader tool you can download any Instagram reel video. Just simply copy the video link and paste in the input box. Then click on download button and download.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform where users can share their photos and videos and get engagement. People can gain their followers. But Instagram and facebook is not same. Because you can share media, join groups, like pages, add friends. But in Instagram you can share videos and Images with special effects. Insta is now the 2nd largest social media on the world.

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